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Commission a Guitar in 3 Simple Steps

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Contact TK Guitars 

Click the link below to send us an email or get in contact using the number provided.

We will be very happy to help and will discuss with you the kind of sound and feel you are after.

Once your design is finalised and agreed we will take a one-third deposit (non-refundable) before commencing the build.


Design & Craft


Each guitar is traditionally hand-crafted and built to your specification.  Choose the timber we use for the neck, fret board and body. 

We can provide any electronic set up you require.

We will aim to complete your instrument in approximately 8 weeks, depending on the type
of finish you require.

We will keep you updated at each stage of your instruments journey.


Completion & Collection

Andrew's new guitar.jpg

When your custom built guitar is completed we will notify you. On receipt of the balance, we will gladly arrange delivery or collection for you.

You will also be provided with a memory stick, containing photos, detailing the journey your guitar goes through.


+44 (0) 755 2216 553

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