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I met Tim through our mutual love of guitars.
I purchased 'Jackson' nmy Jackson JSX-94 in 2016 and he was in a sorry state.
I asked if he would refinish 'Jackson' for me and he did. His attention to detail was excellent.
He finished the body first but the new headstock decal caused major problems as it was thicker than anticipated.  Tim persevered in getting it level by sanding it repeatedly until it could be lacquered over. He also sorted out some sharp fret ends and the fret work generally. I cannot thank Tim enough for the care he took getting 'Jackson' back to his best.
I thoroughly recommend Tim for guitar refinishing. I've also played some of his hand built guitars and can recommend them too

Many thanks

Russ Preston

I asked Tim to give some TLC to my number 1 Les Paul, but I was extremely nervous as I haven’t had great experience with previous luthiers.
We had a good chat about what I wanted and what it needed, but also Tim made some suggestions to me in terms of replacing old parts. I asked him to stick to keeping it original where possible, and to his credit, he did a great job.
He updated me at all points of the work and settled my nerves, letting someone else work on my number 1!
The guitar is now back to playing as it did new in preparation for my upcoming tour, and I’ll be sending all my other guitars to him in the future. Nice chap, too! 

“Sugarman” Sam.

My review 🤘🏻
I recently had the pleasure of entrusting my beloved guitar to Tim's capable hands for a much-needed repair, and the experience was nothing short of exceptional.

Tim's expertise in guitar repair is evident from the moment you engage with him. His keen attention to detail and genuine passion for his craft became immediately apparent during our initial consultation. Tim took the time to listen attentively to the issues I was facing with my guitar, providing insightful explanations and recommendations for the necessary repairs.

What sets Tim apart is not just his technical proficiency but also his commitment to ensuring a personalized and satisfying experience for his clients. Throughout the repair process, he kept me well-informed, providing updates on the progress and even sharing valuable tips on maintaining my guitar's optimal performance.

When I received my guitar back, I was genuinely impressed. Tim not only addressed the initial issues with precision, but he also went above and beyond, fine-tuning the instrument and restoring it to a level of playability that exceeded my expectations. 
Tim's pricing was fair, transparent, and reflective of the high-quality work he delivered. Moreover, his friendly and approachable demeanour made the entire experience enjoyable and stress-free.In conclusion, I wholeheartedly recommend TK Guitars to fellow musicians seeking a masterful touch for their instruments. Tim's dedication to his craft, coupled with his exceptional customer service, ensures that your guitar is in the best hands possible. I am grateful for the outstanding work Tim did on my guitar and will unquestionably return for any future repairs or maintenance needs.

Rob - J Bass

"The bass guitar I received was   immaculately built.

 All the top-of-the range   components come in together, to   produce something unique and   very special; It is a joy to play,   producing a top quality sound.

 Thank you for allowing me to own   some of your personal   craftmanship".

Paul - Paul & Tao Music Lounge

"Today, I had a visit from Tim,   from TK Guitars, he showed me   three examples of his custom-built   guitars. In my opinion the   workmanship was second to   none. The playability and the   sound was great. You will not be   disappointed with any guitar   coming from TK Guitars.  

 Available to view in our store".

David Baldwin

"TK Guitars created an excellent bespoke instrument

in record time, using the best components.

 The sound and feel of the instrument is amazing!

 I would highly recommend - Excellent   service".

"I Wasn't in the market for an electric guitar, until I played 
one of Tim's beautifully made guitars. The guitar felt balanced and sounded great!
All the components are of the
best quality too."
"I would like to give a genuine thanks to Tim of TK Guitars.  He has restored my old and battered acoustic guitar.  It's been in our family decades handed down from my mum and was in very poor condition.  It's not worth a penny but Tim understood what it meant to me and thankfully undertook the job.  He can build you a new guitar for sure, but he can restore the old ones too."

"A beautiful hand crafted guitar,

with all the custom specifications

I asked for.

It was a pleasure to design and

work with Tim on the construction

of this guitar."

"Tim has been servicing my guitars for a couple of years now and doing a great job! Given I had a big birthday coming I finally commissioned a one-off build based on a Gibson Jnr. During the build Tim's energy and passion has been infectious. Whilst he let me choose and design virtually every aspect, he has also guided me and kept me on the right track. With Tim he will keep going until the customer is happy and no issue or request is ever a problem. I got my finished guitar in October which has given me time to both gig and bond with it and I can honestly say it is becoming one of my favourite guitars and might become my
main gigging axe!
Thanks a million Tim"
This is my second time I got my guitar setup and repaired by TK Guitars and I am awed by the excellent result. My guitar was not the same when i gave it in. The action is perfect and the newly custom fitted bone nut resonates my guitar beautifully. The first five frets were also replaces and filed down to perfection. Tim’s work is of a professional standard and did not disappoint. The wiring for my guitar was rewired in a way with no interference when it is plugged in. My guitar has a sentimental value and after Tim’s immaculate work its only added value. Thank you TK Guitars. 😃
Can you remember that feeling? You know the one, the one that on Christmas morning even though you peeked at the presents under the tree, you still felt the rush when opening that One present, the rush of excitement whilst trying to play it cool 😎 well that's the feeling I had when looking down at this fantastic Diesel Denim TKSG... I'd love to tell you the action is awesome, the sound is exceedingly spectacular when I play but, listening to others show me what it's capable of, it just inspires me to never put it down! Learning on it is superb, smooth and forgiving... thankfully! #TKGUITARS You Rock! 🤟🏼🤘🏼👏🏼
'Tim at TK Guitars has done a most wonderful job repairing a lifting bridge on my 12-string acoustic guitar. The work that he did was painstakingly documented and shared - with every possible detail worked on. Most important of all, the guitar now plays and sounds better than it ever did - I am absolutely delighted with the results. Tim’s craftsmanship, attention to detail, enthusiasm and commitment to do the best job possible is outstanding.'
A big thankyou to Tim Knight of T/k guitars,through  His passion & precision  the man has beathed new life into my Gibson Firebird . In my book he comes highly  recommended can't thank him enough.
20230608_210249 (1).jpg
Here goes....

Can't thank this guy enough... First he cleaned and revamped my acoustic guitar. Then I asked him to tweak my electric guitar using the original pickups and to work out an easy way to locate 3rd, 5th 7th etc frets as I'm visually impaired. Over a couple of weeks Tim patiently listened and made various suggestions  - I now have a customised neck incorporating the chosen idea, personal to me.  Tim will make a guitar to your specifications or tweak your existing one, making either completely unique. Very professional and just amazing.
I met Tim earlier this year. His knowledge and skill is fantastic. He is not only down to earth and knowledgeable, but has a genuine passion for the work he does. My beautiful acoustic was brought back to life by his skilled hands, and plays like a dream. If you need work doing to your guitars, look no further. 10/10
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